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"Mesmerizing voice."
"pitch perfect legit her Broadway belt..."
"Emily King Brown is convincing, genuine, graceful and grounded."

" 'Woman One' is played by the beautiful Emily King Brown.  She portrays several characters that keep you laughing and crying throughout the show.  You could hear the audience stop breathing during her stunning version of 'Maybe This Time.' "


Deborah Dodge,

"It's a treasure chest of magical choices that excite and titillate ... dynamic cast of 5 very talented singers... highlights included King Brown's gorgeous "My Coloring Book" ... truly a labor of love from top to bottom." 


Don Grigware, Broadway World

"With triple-threat Emily King Brown ... this is one smashing Kander & Ebb revival from start to finish ... from King Brown’s pitch-perfect legit soprano in 'My Coloring Book' to her Broadway belt in 'Maybe This Time'."


Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

"Knocking her voice right out of the stratosphere ... the powerful vocal talents of Emily King Brown. Wow. Can Emily hold her notes!  She started soft and slow with “My Coloring Book” and built passion with “Maybe This Time.” Emily has funny duets with Erica in “Class” and “The Grass Is Always Greener.”


Lorenzo Marchessi,

"This cast is magnificent under the fast-paced direction and taut staging ... All the performances are top-notch and everyone can sing ... Emily King Brown brings great comedic touches in defining the small role of the feisty Mrs. Kirk."


Don Grigware, Broadway World

"Shrek The Musical’s weak-link-free supporting cast ... [including] Emily King Brown (Wicked Witch, Queen Lillian) ... as good as it gets, a Shreksational ensemble that could easily give any cast of Broadway triple-threats a run for their money."


Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

"Emily King Brown as the Wicked Witch sizzle[s] with [her] dynamically mesmerizing voice..."


Don Grigware, Broadway World

"An all-around brilliant cast... The stage-fright-wracked pre-teen that King Brown gives us ... soon morphs into glamorous, self-assured ... a role that King Brown plays with abundant verve... and talk about gorgeous vocals, they don't get any better than King Brown's in ... 'The I Love You Song' ."


Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

"Emily King Brown is convincing, genuine, graceful and grounded. She understands her character thoroughly and takes advantage of every moment ... This is an experienced artist at the height of her craft."


Radomir Luza,

"The peculiar collection of adults also shines ...

Emily King Brown shows off her powerful voice."


Margie Barron, Tolucan Times

"This cast is miraculously focused and funny ... King Brown ... sings beautifully."


Don Grigware,

"Emily King Brown was fantastic as the Queen with the hair that gave her the appearance that she was 14 feet tall!  Brown has an astonishing voice and great comic timing.  The looking glass moments worked perfectly.  Can’t say enough about this actress! She is very, very scrumptious."


Joe Straw

"... in terms of comedy ... Emily King Brown’s outrageous turn as the domineering Queen, a particular triumph of professional skill..."


Deborah Klugman, Stage Raw

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"... the most show-stopping moment of THE STORY OF ALICE has to be the Queen of Hearts' entrance in her bright red floor-length gown topped with a sky-high red bouffant wig. King Brown certainly knows how to milk the moment, as well as, every moment she's onstage. King Brown commands her scenes with her delicious crackles, her infectious laughs, her sharp punch line deliveries and her final high-whatever notes ending the Queen of Heart's songs."


Gil Kaan, Broadway World

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